About This Project

Our Role

To provide adequate resources and professional services to carry out Inspections and the issuing of Reports on the condition of occupied and unoccupied buildings in the portfolio of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), including the prioritising and pricing of various maintenance requirements for approximately 70 buildings in total.

The Challenges

The nature of the Project Brief meant that the 70 buildings had to be surveyed and the Reports issued within a three-month timeframe. This task was made onerous due to the strict security conditions that were imposed on the Survey team and the Client's dependence on receiving costs in time for them to compile a two-year planned maintenance programme which was to be based on an agreed scale of priorities and budgetary information.


McAndrew Martin gathered together a dedicated team of qualified Surveyors to embrace the task and each member was allotted a quota of Inspections to complete using a standard format. The 'front-line' team was supported by McAndrew Martin's in-house Architectural and Design Team, which produced floor and roof plans.

The Benefits

As a result of our efforts to carry out these Quadrennial Inspections, the MOD was provided with an update on the condition of the buildings in its portfolio and was able to address a number of serious defects that required immediate attention. It was also able to set aside funds and expenditure to deal with all other maintenance requirements using a rolling programme of remediation.
The quality and detail within the reports provided by McAndrew Martin really did set us ahead of our competitors.

Surveys, Inspections, Reports, Archicture and Design