About This Project

Our Role

To carry out a Measured Survey of Roof Area 'G' and to prepare a specification and Schedule of Works for the renewal of the roof coverings, together with Mechanical and Electrical services required to facilitate the installation/laying of the new roof coverings. Additional tasks include submitting and obtaining Building Regulation Approvals under Document 'L' and for undertaking the Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Co-ordinator role. We were also requested to prepare all Tender Documentation for later submission to the Client.

The Challenges

The existing roof coverings had reached the end of their useful life and the 'U' Value of the roof in general would not have met the requirements of Document 'L' of Building Regulations. There were several areas in Roof Area 'G' that were causing rainwater to pond and this, coupled with the poor insulation properties of the roof, meant additional tapered roof insulation needed to be provided. As the level of the existing roof was increased commensurate with the thickness of the new insulation, the vertical upstand details at verges, abutments with curtain walling, cladding, roof lights and Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) plant also needed to be raised. Some M&E plant was removed to facilitate overlaying of the existing membrane, but some larger pieces of equipment required careful planning to ensure that, as they were lifted temporarily, there was no disconnection or interference with the normal air handling units as the building was fully occupied by the public during normal and prolonged daytime hours.


The scheme proposal included smaller pieces of M&E equipment located on Roof Area 'G' being lifted off the roof using craneage and stored securely elsewhere on site. McAndrew Martin were able to use in-house M&E expertise and the use of approved external consultants to prepare a strategic plan for either lifting or removing air handling units. Drawings for this scheme were produced by our Design Team and the Project Surveyor. With the aid of an external roofing specialist, they compiled a Schedule of Works and Specification to illustrate each specific detail and a solution to each problem scenario.


The Client was presented with a full package of Tender Documents, Schedule of Works and Specification, together with all services including the provision of a CDM Project Co-ordinator and a Contract Administrator to monitor progress during the course of the works. All Post-Completion Certification were issued, including final inspection/s prior to the issuing of the End of Defects Liability Period Certificate.
Without the skills of McAndrew Martin the centre would have never managed to resolve its roofing problems.

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