Maintenance Services

A properly prepared and costed maintenance schedule prepared by the experienced McAndrew Martin Maintenance Services Team can be a crucial document. Correctly prepared, it will identify a programme of works that are necessary to a building over a set time period - normally any period between five and 20 years. By taking this approach, it means the building is properly maintained and preserved for the future.

It is important to adopt a proactive approach to your maintenance programme. A properly prepared maintenance programme enables you to plan properly and also reduces the likelihood of any unforeseen problems. Let our professional team deal with this and save you money at the same time. At McAndrew Martin, value for money is always a priority when dealing with any maintenance issue.

Our Company

All planning matters dealt with from conception to completion, to include and obtain building regulation approval – where applicable.

Staff and projects at Mc Andrew Martin have won recognised awards at both local and national level..

Mc Andrew Martin are a ISO recognised firm for quality assurance purposes.

Mc Andrew Martin take customer service very seriously, and we were shortlisted for the “Good customer services” Award at the News Business Awards evening in 2014.