Horse Guards, Tower of London and Buckingham Palace

We were instructed on behalf of the client to undertake quadrennial inspections of various historic assets, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, The Tower of London and Horse Guards.
Assets in the government estate should be maintained and inspected systematically as part of an integrated asset management system. Heritage assets can be surveyed and managed like non-historic assets, but different standards may be required. The Periodic Inspection report system is designed to ensure that the right information is gathered.

The Quadrennial Inspection (QI) report process was developed for the care of historic buildings and they are mandatory in government departments and agencies for statutorily-designated historic buildings. This approach is also valid for other categories of heritage asset, although the type of information gathered and the reporting cycle may differ.
The QI Periodic Inspection report should be the basis for decisions on maintenance and repair of any heritage asset, with reference to the conservation management plan and other related reports. It is important that the information gathered is relevant, accurate and proportionate.

Periodic Inspections are part of a cyclical process and were used to assist the client to establish the general condition of all parts of the asset and check changes in condition, that recommendations are applied, that maintenance standards are appropriate, as well as identifying urgent works and plan long-term works.McAndrew Martin were appointed undertake design consultation services for  sympathetically clean a grade II listed building in accordance with the Local Authority Conservation Officer’s requirements, repointing and repair of general stonework, repair of corroded structural steel members, repair of the defective stonework of the cupolas, pediments and parapets which are to be taken, down repaired or replaced as necessary with careful restoration to the original patterning, plus works to the rear exit door and side staircase. Redecoration and repair as necessary of all windows and repair of the existing ‘ship’ weathervane at Park Building, King Henry 1 Building on behalf of the University of Portsmouth. The works were completed July 2014 and the end project value was £530,000.00.