We’ve had a very busy August so far as demand for our comprehensive range of surveys and property related services has continued to remain strong.
Sometimes, quite naturally, business can slow a little in August as people head off on holiday or place any plans on hold until September.
However, this August has seen the pace of growth continue unabated; perhaps Brexit, the interest rate cut and the economic climate may be playing a role.

New figures have shown that economic growth was stronger than expected in the second quarter of this year.
According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the UK economy grew by 0.6% in the three months to the end of June.
The ONS said that GDP growth was stronger than expected – and up from 0.4% in the first quarter of the year from January to March.
Strong growth across services, particularly in the beleaguered retail sector, car production and pharmaceuticals all played major roles.

How much pocket money do you give your children?
A new survey from the Halifax – best known for its house price index, of course – shows that youngsters aged eight to 15 get an average of £6.54 a week.
And interestingly there was quite a gender divide with boys receiving an average of £6.93 a week compared with £6.16 for girls.
That means boys get 13% more than girls – with the gender gap increasing by 2% on last year.

Low interest rates are set to become the new ‘normal’, according to the Bank of England’s Governor.
Mark Carney said that any increases would be at a gradual pace and limited rather than rising to pre-recession levels or even higher.
Most analysts expect interest rates to remain at their historic low of 0.5% until next year at the earliest.
Mr Carney told Parliament's Treasury Committee: "Once rates begin to adjust, we expect for those adjustments to be at a gradual pace and to a limited extent."

What do you think the Chancellor is going to pull out of the hat in today’s budget?
In last year’s Autumn Statement the big surprise was the radical overhaul of Stamp Duty.
Many commentators seem to be expecting a relaxation of pension rules to make annuities accessible as well as a reform of the annual tax return system to make it easier.
The personal allowance threshold may be lifted to £11,000, and there may be tax cuts for the oil and gas industry to offer some relief as the price of oil plunges.

We've had a right royal flush with The Old Loos project at Drayton.
News of the scheme by Brewers the Lettings Agency to convert the former public conveniences into offices has hit the headlines of the Portsmouth News.
The paper ran a story about the development in its weekly Wednesday property section - complete with a picture of our director Ian Lee and Daryn Brewer from the Lettings Agency.

We're in the News!
A story has featured in the Portsmouth News about our project with Brewers the Letting Agency to former public conveniences at Drayton into offices.
It shows a picture of our director Ian Lee and Daryn Brewer from the Lettings Agency at the site.
The two-storey block - to be named The Old Loos - will become Brewers new offices when they are completed in May.
One of our expert design team, James Bengree, drew up the plans for the offices.

We're involved in one of out more unusual building projects - to convert disused public toilets into new offices.
The project at the former conveniences at Drayton is for local lettings agency Brewers the Lettings Agency.
Brewers aims to move to the two-storey development in Lower Drayton Lane - to be named The Old Loos - from its offices in Cosham High Street when the scheme is finished in May 2015.
James Bengree , who is based at our headquarters on the Fairway Business Centre in Portsmouth, designed the new offices.

More good news on the economy as the unemployment rate fell again in Portsmouth and across the country.
The number of people without work has fallen by 63,000 to 1.96 million across the country to a jobless rate of 6% - matching its lowest level in six years.
According to the Portsmouth News, the number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in Portsmouth fell by 96 in the last month.
In October, 2,815 people claimed the out-of-work benefit in the city, compared to 2,719 in November.

We're pleased to have had another busy week as we approach Christmas in our record-breaking, 25th anniversary year.
Demand is still continuing from our many clients for our property related services, including our surveys for homebuyers.
Many househunters will be out and about this weekend, especially after the Chancellor's overhaul of stamp duty last week.
There's also plenty to do out and about for those wanting to soak up the festive atmosphere; whether you're Christmas shopping, attending seasonal events or socialising with family and friends.


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